Summary and Price

Technique training
4 training sessions
Game training
1 practical session focused on the game system
1 practice game – focused on tactics, 5 vs 4, 4 vs 5 and fixed situations
Cup – Competition training
5 tournament games including playoffs or placement games

Other training 
1 Strength/Mobility/Speed
2 Team building
1 Theory session
2 Lectures
Game/training clothes:  
2 shirts
1 pair of shorts 1 pair of socks
Full board 
4 hotel nights, including full hotel breakfast (not valid for private accommodation)
4 lunches, 4 dinners, 4 evening meals
Sports insurance


We divide the participants into development groups with 15 players and 2 goalkeepers per group who develop together through both training and tournament games as well as other training elements that are part of the Gamechanger Camp. If two or three players are invited from the same team, they are placed in the same group. If four or more players are invited from the same team, we usually split them up, but always together with at least one other player from their team. 

Technique training  

During the first days of the camp the participants train with a focus on individual development and technique training by following Selected Players’ specially adapted training program KeyTraining. The program is methodically designed to effectively strengthen all individual fundamental techniques required to become a world-class player in any position. 

Tournament games  

During the latter part of the camp, games and tournament games, are added so that the participants can practice and develop what they have trained and gone through during the camp and apply it in actual games. There are five tournament games per group including playoffs/placement games. We hire local association referees so that the games maintain as high a level of assessment as possible. 

Physical training  

As the Gamechanger Camp is intense, with many training sessions and tournament games, the physical training during the camp will be about quality rather than quantity. We ensure that participants can, and do, perform the important physical, speed and mobility training that a floorball player needs to develop to reach their full potential.  


Goalkeepers receive comprehensive training that develop all areas of goalkeeping. Their training sessions consist of both individual training with shooters and technique training together with their development group. As part of the methodology, the goalkeeping instructors use video analysis to highlight important details that can help goalkeepers reach their next level. The goalkeepers complete all other training and eat all meals together with their team. 


The theory sessions are linked to the tournament games, where extra focus is placed on tactics. We discuss and analyze different game scenarios with the chosen tactic. Shorter theory and analysis sessions take place before and after each game. We highlight everything that has been positive and set goals for the next game on areas where the interaction within the team can be improved. 

The Dream Train  

Building a strong feeling of togetherness and community within the development groups is an important part of training in the Gamechanger camps. As is building self-esteem and self-confidence in each player. Here we use the Dream Train, our value-based concept, with a focus on the participants getting to know each other, developing a real team spirit and strengthening their self-esteem and self-confidence. Beyond team building sessions, the players attend two lectures that will strengthen each player’s self-esteem and make them dare to follow their goals and dreams. In addition, lectures touch on such topics as morality, friendship, and alcohol. The lectures in the Dream Train are age-appropriate. 

Friendships for life  

Something our participants and their parents appreciate a lot are the friendships that are built up during the week. The participants become part of a valuable network by getting to know players from all over Sweden, something that benefits them for the rest of their lives. 


All leaders at the Gamechanger Camps are certified instructors who have been equipped with the tools and knowledge to lead, coach, instruct and develop the participants according to Selected Players’ customized training program KeyTraining. 


We train, play tournament games, and run other sessions in the fantastic IFU Arena with five full-sized courts under the same roof. Lunch, dinner and evening meals are served in the Arena kitchen. Both the opening and the closing ceremony of the Gamechanger Camp are held in the main arena. 


Gamechanger participants stay at the four-star Arenahotellet, which is within walking distance of IFU Arena. The players live together with other players in their development group/team in three- and four-bed rooms.