The training that took the world stars to the top

Our Gamechanger Camps are intense training camps that focus on complete training that strengthens the participants’ gameplay. Gamechanger Camps are hosted in the summertime for players between the ages of 13 and 16 and are suitable for anyone who enjoys floorball and wants to take their game to the highest level. At the Gamechanger Camps training is more on the level of what training looks like at an elite level.

Get better in game situations

At Gamechanger Camps, we focus on the entire athlete, which means that our training methodology, KeyTraining, is supplemented with physical training, theory, team building and game and tournament play. This means that the players should be able to take what they learned through KeyTraining and implement it in real game situations. In addition, we arrange lectures for the participants on topics such as morality, friendship and alcohol.

Even development groups

Since the focus at the Gamechanger Camps is to develop the participants as quickly as possible through comprehensive training with both technical training and tournament games, our goal is to create as even development groups as possible.

This is the reason you cannot register yourself for Gamechanger Camps, but it is possible to register interest and we will check with your coach to find out what level you are at. Team coaches can also tip us about players on their team. 

It is also important that everyone who participates enjoys training a lot, wants to have increased focus on training and games with other like-minded players who are passionate about floorball. One of the keys to why our method has been so successful, when it comes to shaping elite players, is that all players share a strong will to go far.  

You can express interest and coaches can send in tips on our website. 

Next step

Players who excel at our Gamechanger Camps can also be offered the opportunity to participate in Selected Players’ highest camp level : the World Talent Cup.

More information

All training sessions, games and other activities take place in Europe’s finest floorball arena – IFU Arena in Uppsala – where the participants also eat lunch, dinner and supper. Accommodation and breakfast are included at the four-star Arenahotellet that is within walking distance of the arena.