Coach tips about players for the World Talent Cup

You as a coach can send us tips about players for the World Talent Cup through the form below. Players cannot register for the WTC on their own, but players are invited through tips and recommendations from coaches. Parents can express interest, at which time we then check with the coach about what level of play the player concerned is at. 

Players cannot register directly as our goal is to create as even development groups as possible. The WTC not only contains individual technical training sessions but also games and tournament games, which are crucial to raising the level of development.  

Each participant needs to be at a playing level and be able to handle the game pace that corresponds to the highest league in their age group and the floorball district to which the player belongs. This way we build as even development groups as possible, so that all players get as much as possible from the training camp. When we receive a player tip from a coach, we send an invitation to the player’s parents so they can decide. 

Tip criteria

If the following three points below match players on your team or other teams in your club, we would be grateful to receive your tips. 

1. The player handles the level and game tempo very well in his floorball district’s highest league within his age group. 

2. The player wants to have great focus on training and matches 

3. The player likes to practice a lot 

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