The fact that players develop so quickly at our camps is largely thanks to KeyTraining, our training methodology and our training program that carefully and effectively takes the participant’s individual skills to the next level. The program’s progressive structure means that each training camp offers new steps forward in each participant’s development. 

Builds the complete player

KeyTraining is progressive and develops all the techniques, unique movements, and game understanding that a player needs in game situations. The goal of the training is to build the foundations for effective game play, consisting of technique training with a focus on movement control, speed control and vision. The player gradually gets used to solving simple to more advanced game situations at all speeds using their individual skills. 

The optimal years for technical learning is between the ages of 7 and 12 years old. Keytraining helps kids and young people build up an effective technique. The earlier individual technique is in place, the more fun game play will be. Development builds self-confidence and self-esteem, which promotes the player’s interest in taking their floorball further into the later developmental years, 13 – 16.  

With KeyTraining, all the individual skills a young floorball player needs to take big steps forward in their game play is developed and at the same time the foundation that is needed to go far is laid. Our camps always include games or tournament games to create as fun and as realistic a learning environment as possible. Within KeyTraining, we also build the individual on the inside, where we help the player to strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence.

KeyTraining favors individual development and playing with club teams

We offer a development guarantee at our camps. Through KeyTraining, all players gain the knowledge of how they can further develop through continued individual training and in games with their own team.

From a health perspective, KeyTraining promotes the player’s interest in staying in the sport longer.