Represent your country at the World Talent Cup 

The World Talent Cup (WTC) is a camp where we gather Sweden’s top talents and invite floorball talents from all over the world to test their skills on an international stage. In Sweden, the players who performed the best at our Gamechanger Camps in the age groups 13–16 are handpicked to represent Sweden. In other words, training and tournament games are at the highest international level. WTC is always arranged week 30, at the end of July, after the Gamechanger Camps have ended. 

Individual technique training and tournament games 

During WTC’s first days, our participants are trained with a focus on individual technique training and game development based on Selected Players’ specially adapted training program KeyTraining. The program is methodically designed to effectively strengthen individual fundamental techniques and the game understanding required to become a world-class player or goalkeeper. During WTC’s later part, game training, friendly and tournament games, are included so that participants can apply what they have learned in real game situations as well as gain high quality international competition experience.

Even development groups

Since the focus of WTC is to develop our participants as quickly as possible, with both technical training and tournament games, our goal is to create as even development groups as possible. This is the reason you cannot register on your own for the WTC, but it is possible to register an interest to participate and we will check with your coach about what level you’re at. Coaches can also send us tips about players on their team. We also invite players through our own network of talent scouts in each country.

It is also important that everyone who participates likes to train a lot and wants to have increased focus on training and games with other like-minded athletes who are passionate about floorball.  That all players share a strong will to go far is one of the keys to why our method has been so successful when it comes to shaping elite players. 

You can express your interest and coaches can send tips on our website.