Summary and Price

Technique training  
9 training sessions  

Game training  
1 full day of game play  

Other trainings
Warming up and cooling down, as well as mobility and other activities outside the court  

Camp clothes
1 shirt, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of socks

Lunch included daily  

Sports insurance


We divide the participants into groups of 10 players and 2 goalkeepers each. The groups are divided according to age, club, gender and wishes, but it is possible to change the groups during the camp for everyone’s benefit. 

Technique training  

We train in different zones with different focuses on technique, passing, receiving, shooting, gameplay, ball handling, etc. The players rotate through these zones with their group and focus on getting as much time with the ball as possible in each zone. 


Goalkeepers have their own instructors and carry out some parts of the training individually, but mostly together with the players. 

Game play  

On the last day we play games, tournaments and mini-cups in various forms. At this time it’s about taking everything we learned from the technique training and transferring it to game play. 


All leaders at our Skill Camps are certified instructors who have been equipped with the tools and knowledge to lead, coach, instruct and develop the participants according to Selected Players’ specially adapted training program KeyTraining. 

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