Updated 2023-09-19

Note that you must be 18 years of age to shop in the Selected Players webshop. 


The purchase agreement between you as customer and us as supplier (Selected Player Sweden AB) is binding as soon as your order is registered. Confirmation of your order is e-mailed to the e-mail address you provided. 

As our customer, you complete your payment through Klarna Checkout’s different payment options. You make this choice in “Your shopping basket” when you are about to complete your purchase through the different “Payment methods” that Klarna offers you as a customer. 

Product returns, exchanges and refunds
You have full right of return for 14 days after receipt of the product, as long as you have not used the item and it is returned in its original condition. 

Right of return does not apply to booking/purchase of camps, transportation, sports events and the like — see the particular rules for each product. 

Right of exchange does not apply to clothing that has been printed with names or initials if you have received the correct product, you ordered and it is whole and complete. 

For return or exchange of products, you pay the return shipping costs yourself. If this is a return because of a damaged product or because we have processed your order incorrectly, we will reimburse you all of your costs for shipping and products. Always contact us before sending an item you wish to return to info@selectedplayer.com or phone (+46) 8 50 00 19 09 all normal business days between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. 

Procedure for returned products: If you are not satisfied with a product, please contact us by e-mail or by phone. Call us at (+46) 8 50 00 19 09 for information about the status of your return. If you are exchanging or returning products, you are responsible for the shipping risk and pay the return postage. If we have processed your order incorrectly, we will pay the return postage. 

An exchange of product takes approximately 10-14 days depending on the type of shipping you used for the return. In the event of exchanges, you are responsible for the shipping costs both ways. We will charge you for a new dispatch of exchanged product within Sweden, no matter what the product price. For dispatch of exchanged product outside Sweden, we will charge according to cost. 

If you discover damage when you receive the package, report it where you pick it up. If you do not see the damage until after you have opened the package, report it to us by calling (+46) 8 50 00 19 09 or send an e-mail to info@selectedplayer.com. Then send back your items. In the event of approved return of products or damaged consignment, we will reimburse your shipping costs up to SEK 150. We will need your original receipt from the shipping company in order to reimburse your expense. 

Cancellation/refund of participation fees

Purchase of SP camp — total fee under SEK 3000 

If you purchase a space in a course, camp or event, you can receive 50% of the participation fee back if you cancel your participation no later than one month before the first day of the event. If less time than one month remains before the event, the full price is debited, and no refund is made. 

If cancellation occurs because of illness or injury when less than one month remains, the cancellation shall be proven with a valid doctor’s certificate which shall be sent to Selected Player Sweden AB, avboka@selectedplayer.com. The doctor’s certificate shall reach us no later than one month after the cancellation. In this case, the entire participant fee is reimbursed except for an administrative fee of SEK 300. 

Cancellation must be done at least 24 hours before the first day of the Camp (check-in time on day of arrival for the camp/cup in question). 

Cancellation of participation on a course or camp shall be done by sending an e-mail with information about the cancellation to avboka@selectedplayer.com. No cancellations may be made verbally. 

If camps are cancelled or moved by the Selected Player. 
– Alternative 1. The customer is free to transfer his/her registration to a camp in another city or to the next camp session. 

– Alternative 2. 100% refund of the registration fee. 

Purchases of SP merchandise (clothing and other materials) for collection at camps are sent free of charge to the customer’s home. 

Purchase of SP camp – total fee over SEK 3000 

The participant shall retain the right to cancel his/her place in Selected Players in the event of illness upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate regarding this illness if participant has purchased cancellation protection in connection with registration. (In order to be reimbursed for the participant fee) 

Cancellation protection is not part of the participant fee, and it is not repaid in the event of cancellation. Cancellation protection cannot be purchased retroactively. 

If there is no cancellation protection, cancellation may be done but no reimbursement shall be made. 

If there is cancellation protection, the following shall apply: 

– Cancellation may be made if the participant or his/her family (mother, father, sibling) suffers a serious illness, worsened state of health, accident or sports injury and this event is of such a nature that the participant cannot reasonably participate in Selected Player. 

– The reason for cancellation shall be proven in a reliable way by a doctor’s certificate and/or proof of relationship. 

– Cancellation protection does not apply in the case of a cancelled or relocated camp. (see specific rules about this) 

– Cancellation according to the above can only be done by the guardian, who must send an e-mail to avboka@selectedplayer.com, with all necessary information. Verbal cancellation is not valid. 

– Participation shall be cancelled as quickly as possible after a reason for cancellation has arisen. 

– Cancellation must be done at least 24 hours before the first day of Selected Player camp (check-in time on day of arrival for the camp/cup in question).  

– If the participant has cancellation protection as well as a doctor’s certificate, participation can be cancelled according to the points above, with reimbursement of the participation fee minus the cost for the cancellation protection indicated above (in other words, a total deduction of SEK 350). 

– After cancellation, the amount that the participant has as a credit according to the above shall be reimbursed to the customer within one month when all the information has been received by Selected Player up to one week before the start of camp. After that, Selected Player has the right to possible delay in reimbursement up to Week 33. (Applies to camps in June and July) 

The right of return does not apply to the purchase of camps.

Force Majeure

If Selected Player is prevented from conducting camps due to a pandemic, blockade, boycott, lockout, fire, war or other circumstances beyond Selected Player’s control, the following applies in the first instance: 

– Alternative 1. The customer is free to transfer his/her registration to a camp in another city or to the next camp session. 

– Alternative 2. 50% refund of the registration fee. 

Purchases of SP merchandise (clothing and other materials) for collection at camps are sent free of charge to the customer’s home. 

Depending on the situation, Selected Player will review the situation and assess whether a larger refund can be made. 

Use of participant information in Selected Player 

By approving this agreement, you grant permission that the pictures of the participant taken during Selected Players be used by Selected Player and possible cooperative partners, in internal as well as external information, social media, homepages and marketing. 

Selected Player will not disclose contact information of participants to any external cooperative partners who want information for marketing purposes. Only those companies that deliver services directly connected with Selected Player receive contact information (for example, the insurance company that insures the players under Selected Player). 

On the other hand, participants can be exposed to offers of different kinds through newsletters. 

Participant’s responsibility in communication 

The e-mail addresses that are registered in the web shop are the e-mail addressese we will use to distribute information/Newsletters regarding Selected Player. It is important that players/parents continually check the given e-mail addresses. If you are missing your Newsletter, it is important to check your wastebasket/Spam folder and approve our e-mail address if an e-mail ended up there. 

We save the following personal information about our customers:  

Customers: First name, Surname, Company/organisation, E-mail, National Health/Business ID no., VAT number, Address, Postal code, Town/City, Country, Phone number. 

Orders: ip address, E-mail, National Health/Business ID no., VAT number, Address, Company, First name, Surname, Address, Postal code, Town/City, Phone number. 

As a customer, you can request a summary, change, or deletion of this information at any time.