World Talent Cup

Week 30. 27th – 31st of July. For boys and girls born 2006 – 2009

The world’s best individual technique training and top tournament during the same week.

Come and play against Team Sweden – the top Swedish talents in floorball in your age group!

In the WTC, the stars of tomorrow meet!

The World Talent Cup (WTC) is arranged by the global sports education organization Selected Player. For WTC the top talents of Swedish floorball are handpicked to form Team Sweden. In other countries players are nominated by their coaches, alternatively by a parent that sends us a registration of interest, that is followed up by one of our country managers through contact with the player’s regular coach or coaches. Then, with the help of country managers, we invite top players in their age group from Finland, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark who form their own National Team!

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The purpose of Selected Player is to shape the floorball stars of tomorrow. Jonathan Kronstrand, one of the most merited floorball players in the world, with a total of three World Champion titles and three Swedish National titles, has developed a unique and extremely efficient training method we call KeyTraining. This revolutionary technique training will drill the players’ individual skills on how to solve important match play situations and thereby take them to the next level in their development.

During WTC the participants will get intensive training in two parts. The first two days we work on KeyTraining together with experienced Swedish KeyTraining instructors. Thereafter we move onto the match play part of the concept, which starts with a friendly game, with the purpose of coming together as a team. Then they get to play at least five tough matches against each other in the tournament, the World Talent Cup!

Friends for life

WTC is more than just a high-quality training and competition camp. It’s also a possibility to meet players from other countries and build networks and friends for life. All these parts are invaluable for these upcoming talents now and in their future.